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@tgojd Dec 15, 20:25

GoJD Christmas Hamper Competition Winner Announced!!! #GoJDChristmasHamperComp

@tgojd Dec 15, 20:20

Drumroll please!!!

@tgojd Dec 15, 10:38

The GoJD Print Portal

@tgojd Dec 11, 13:50

There will now follow a brief interlude whilst we deliberate on a winner... #GoJDChristmasHamperComp

@tgojd Dec 09, 00:02

Victoria Brown has made her own Christmas tree from copper for the #GoJDChristmasHamperComp! Decorated with sugar a…

@tgojd Dec 08, 23:58

This entry for the #GoJDChristmasHamperComp is from Tree Of Opals: winter spices and organics that decorate a Chris…

@tgojd Dec 08, 23:56

A painterly angel from Linda Connelly for the #gojdchristmashampercomp. It is made from enamel on copper, set with…

@tgojd Dec 08, 23:52

This mistletoe sprig is Vicky Semple's offering for the #gojdchristmashampercomp. The twigs were open cast to get a…

@tgojd Dec 08, 23:47

Donna Maria Lynn's delightful elf is her entry for the #gojdchristmashampercomp! It is made from oxidized silver.

@tgojd Dec 08, 23:43

Jayne Rimington's entry for #gojdchristmashampercomp is a Christmas bauble that can be used afterwards as a miniatu…

@tgojd Dec 08, 23:40

This entry for the #GoJDChristmasHamperComp is from Leisa Ruth Howes - snowflake relic pendants and earrings in st…

@tgojd Dec 08, 23:37

Hannah Webb has hand pierced these Christmassy pieces from green anodised aluminium sheet, revealing the silver edg…

@tgojd Dec 08, 23:33

Claire Allain has used enamelling, sawing, soldering and stone setting in her earrings entitled "Peace and Goodwill…

@tgojd Dec 08, 23:28

Dawn Howard's entry for the #GoJDChristmasHamperComp is this Christmas Bell decoration made from individually forme…

@tgojd Dec 08, 23:26

This is Monika Kamycka's entry for the #GoJDChristmasHamperComp! These little holly ornaments are hand pierced from…

@tgojd Dec 08, 23:23

Brett Faraday has created this seasonal leaved branch for the #gojdchristmashampercomp. Voting ends tonight and the…

@tgojd Dec 08, 23:20

Lee Potter's entry for the #GoJDChristmasHamperComp is a sterling silver hallmarked snowflake set with 1ct of sapph…

@tgojd Dec 08, 21:30

This cute little kinetic Christmas tree is from Debbie Willett for the #GoJDChristmasHamperComp. Get your votes in…

@tgojd Dec 08, 20:51

This is Orla Levy's heritage Christmas tree, set with precious gems, emeralds, rubies and various coloured sapphire…

@tgojd Dec 08, 20:33

Anna Jewel's entry for the #GoJDChristmasHamperComp is a recycled sterling silver Christmas tree (that used to be a…

@tgojd Dec 08, 20:29

This cheery chappie is the work of Ewa Klupczewska for the #GoJDChristmasHamperComp . It's made from copper, brass…

@tgojd Dec 08, 20:24

Tina Harkin has made a partridge in a pear tree for the #GoJDChristmasHamperComp from copper, silver, polymer clay,…

@tgojd Dec 08, 20:17

Entries for the #GoJDChristmasHamperComp end tonight! Nicole Borbely made this wreath using art clay silver and eac…

@tgojd Dec 08, 20:13

A delightful snowy scene in silver from Sue Regan for the #GoJDChristmasHamperComp ! Time to cast your votes, folks!

@tgojd Dec 08, 20:10

A shiny festive sterling silver chainmaille covered glass ornament from Kylie Jones #GoJDChristmasHamperComp

@tgojd Dec 08, 20:02

We've been bowled over by the talent of our members at the GoJD! Courtney Aspinall's entry for the…

@tgojd Dec 08, 19:58

This Christmas tree decoration for the #GoJDChristmasHamperComp was made by Sandra Anne Kerns from real feverfew le…

@tgojd Dec 08, 19:53

This entry for the #GoJDChristmasHamperComp is from Michele Thorns. "Every year I make a different Christmas decora…

@tgojd Dec 08, 19:46

Made from silver and an Ethiopian opal by Wallace 'Shaw' Regelous at Sleeping Dragon Jewellery…

@tgojd Dec 08, 19:39

Tiny Christmas baubles that you can wear as pendants all year round from Ursula Marsden at Sulie Bear Silver. Compe…

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